Tuesday, 1 February 2011


"Ooops"  - Just one little word and yet so much significance behind it. It was the word I'd been expecting since about 7pm yesterday and yet didn't think for a second it would come so soon. A single word that has thrown up another hurdle along my path to the continent and made my struggle that little less bearable.

To put it into context for you: 
Yesterday I confided in my house mate and closest ally, my 28 day plan for prohibition and asked for her support in helping me through. ''It's a Brilliant idea" she professed "Infact I think I will join you". 

I knew this was a terrible idea from the start and advised that she reconsider. In theory we would help one other through, making cups of green tea, planning cultural trips out, coffee dates, sessions at the gym and anything to stay distracted. However in reality I knew that what it really meant was when she failed, which she inevitably would, it would make it that much harder to justify to myself the reasons to continue my plight! 

Regardless of this I agreed it may be useful to have someone suffer with me and share in my pain. Until....

Today, on this the first day of our dry run I received an email from said housemate. She had been offered an invitation to attend a work Jolly complete with FREE BAR. Immediately the warning lights started flashing and deep down I knew it was the beginning of the end for my accomplice. Nevertheless part of me still wanted to believe we were in this together so I listened to her when she told me she was strong and she'd come out fighting on the other side and it made me feel good that together we could get through anything. 

So while she swanned off to entertain her colleagues I sat down here tonight to write to you all about the power of friendship and my optimism for the next few weeks and how together we can achieve whatever we set our minds too...and then my phone flashed up - message from housemate. One solitary word..."Ooops."

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