Monday, 31 January 2011

The eve of abstinence...

After spending yet another Sunday lying on the bathroom floor, shaking uncontrollably, vomiting into the porcelain thrown (and my hair a little bit),  and wishing the gods would strike me down and end my agony I made a vow to myself. Never again I promised, next time it would be different. No mixing drinks, taking drinks off strange men, no downing shots, no necking pints in under 30 seconds. From now on I will be in control and I will never again put my body through the ravages of a 12 hour bender.

Don't get me wrong, I've been there before and no doubt will be there again, however this time was different..... When I finally crawled back into my bed and regained some conciousness my worried father came to me and asked me to do him 1 favour, just promise him 1 little thing which will help him sleep at night. 
 Reluctantly I enquired further... ''Please, please go 1 month without drinking, just 1 month thats all i ask!"  and in return for this one little thing all expenses paid trip to the European Miami that is the Costa Del Sol!!!! 

After much internal debate I decided the obvious thing to do of course would be to lie. I live away from home there's no need he even find out. In fact I was half way to changing my Facebook privacy settings when I remembered the concerned look etched across his face, that topped with my sheer fear at the thought of entering a pub or going to a gig without a bevy came with the realisation that if I can't got 28 days without a drink then I have issues worse than I first could have imagined. The comedown helped as well.

So there it is, February is going to be a month of sobriety for me (it helps it’s the shortest one) I've decided to blog about my experiences of a sober existence  mainly because I need to feel the pressure that people actually will be keeping track of whether I succumb or not and also to prove to the girls back home that it can actually be done. No doubt the blog will get swerved off before my sobriety does, but it was a nice thought. So for those that know me and will be socialising with me this month I would ask that you all give me your support through this difficult time, do not let me succumb to peer pressure, don’t mock me, or ridicule my choice of lifestyle and at all costs do not offer me a drink.

So on this final night sat at my computer, I raise a glass to you Dad!!! 28 days and counting.... Viva Espana!!!

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